not all those who wander are lost

VOTE KWAME – end the International Freedom Festival fireworks and demolish historical downtown Detroit. Thats a hell of a plank for your platform there Kwam.

Oh yeah – lets continue closing librarys too.

Since the illegal demolition of the historic Statler Hotel and the insanely botched and dangerous illegal demolition of the Madison Lenox Hotel, these signs have sprouted up on other buildings in the “superbowl zone” trying to stave off illegal destruction. It seems every building within parking distance of the Ford Field football stadium will be flattened for surface lots if it is not redeveloped already.

Court orders dont stop the Mayor of Detroit – he doesnt need white mans paper because “slavery is over”. (his words not mine) He will demolish whatever he wants, and he doesnt need to wait for abatement or danger signs or secure fences to be erected around the demolition sites either. Those laws are for normal people.

On to other business around town….Kwame gets boring quick. The new mayor will no doubt make things a bit more interesting for awhile.

Nice shot from the Belle Isle peer on the Strand side looking towards the Downtown skyline.

A nesting goose. I call them “Sneetches” because of their striking similarity to Dr. Suess’ “Star Belly Sneetches”.

Old Main at sundown

This place looks so ominous at night with its glowing clockface in the tower – but its actually a very mundane place. Part of the Wayne State University sprawl area.

This is a side light fixture from the Art Center Music School, formerly Hamilton Company funerary chapel. This is taken this year in February.

About a week ago I happened by to find police investigating the scene after a man had tried to pry the fixture from its rightful place. I immediately contacted their Board of Directors via cell phone – but theres really nothing you can do to stop the slow erosion of thieves and scrappers in this city. A few years ago, someone came inside the chapel and carefully removed its antique chandeliers.

I-94 bridgework – interesting perspective you dont usually get.

Detail on the former Harper Theater now Harpos Concert Theater.

I love the neon GOD BLESS sign. Yeah, blessed is the god of petroleum consumption. All hail Texas.

Dont mess with golden buddha, bitch.

Billboards for Seagrams Gin and Everfresh Juice.

“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind….”

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