The Leo Gillis Geodesic Dome House, on Vernor in Detroit.

HERE is a MetroTimes article several years back that shows the interiors before they were abandoned.

Leo Gillis is the brother of Jack White of the White Stripes (also:The Dead Weather, Raconteurs)

Mosaic tiles by Leo’s wife Parkii.

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  • I read that DYes thread. Did you see where they found a skeleton femur bone when excavating the site? They decided to zip it rather than blow the whistle and bring bureaucratic roadblocks and additional financial penalties down upon their heads. I don’t blame them.

  • There has been an ad for it linked to the Amazon page in the left column of the site – did you see ?

  • Oh, also I had never heard of Jack White, maybe I am too old. Alas I had to look him up on wiki. Maybe I should listen to something else than Dylan, The Who, The Stones, and Warren Zevon.

  • Hi John – not to my knowledge – no relationship. Leo is the brother of the rock star Jack White, but I dont think they are related to the historical Gillis family.

  • Leo Gillis, any relation to Ransom Gillis of the Ransom Gillis House on Alfred and John R?

  • interesting little badee about the homes and various deaths that have occured at them (suicide + 2 murdered)

  • yeah, looks like some glass busted out.

  • Oh, I’m dumb. I completely glossed over the part about it being abandoned. Sorry for wasting your space, DF. :)

  • Hmmm… “We love this neighborhood, we’re from here and we wanted to make a statement that things are happening here, innovators live here,” Leo says. I guess that it wasnt so important for them to stick around. Better yet: “The main dome kit cost just $20,000. All told, the cost of building the domes was less than $90,000, and they’re worth more than double that now, Parkii says.” Something tells me, since they are abandoned, that they are not worth double that now. lol LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!!

  • Is that plywood on the inside of the doors?

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