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The Leo Gillis Geodesic Dome House, on Vernor in Detroit.

HERE is a MetroTimes article several years back that shows the interiors before they were abandoned.

Leo Gillis is the brother of Jack White of the White Stripes (also:The Dead Weather, Raconteurs)

Mosaic tiles by Leo’s wife Parkii.

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  • He is a devil worshipper. Anything he touches is ruined forever and cursed.

  • The reason that the domes were abandoned probably has nothing to do with ghosts or suicide. The suicide may however have had something to do with the building. Living in a geodesic dome is enough to crack anyone up. Geodesic domes are a constant DIY headache, the simplest tasks become mathematical problems. Builders who have experience of repairing them tend to have done it once only and will run away screaming rather than repair a second one.

    The problems are related to the shape. They are unnecessarily complicated with many potential weak points, prone to leaks and damp foundations, require a great deal of skill and modern materials to build well

  • I read that DYes thread. Did you see where they found a skeleton femur bone when excavating the site? They decided to zip it rather than blow the whistle and bring bureaucratic roadblocks and additional financial penalties down upon their heads. I don’t blame them.

  • There has been an ad for it linked to the Amazon page in the left column of the site – did you see ?

  • Oh, also I had never heard of Jack White, maybe I am too old. Alas I had to look him up on wiki. Maybe I should listen to something else than Dylan, The Who, The Stones, and Warren Zevon.

  • Hi John – not to my knowledge – no relationship. Leo is the brother of the rock star Jack White, but I dont think they are related to the historical Gillis family.

  • Leo Gillis, any relation to Ransom Gillis of the Ransom Gillis House on Alfred and John R?

  • interesting little badee about the homes and various deaths that have occured at them (suicide + 2 murdered)

  • yeah, looks like some glass busted out.

  • Oh, I’m dumb. I completely glossed over the part about it being abandoned. Sorry for wasting your space, DF. :)

  • Hmmm… “We love this neighborhood, we’re from here and we wanted to make a statement that things are happening here, innovators live here,” Leo says. I guess that it wasnt so important for them to stick around. Better yet: “The main dome kit cost just $20,000. All told, the cost of building the domes was less than $90,000, and they’re worth more than double that now, Parkii says.” Something tells me, since they are abandoned, that they are not worth double that now. lol LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!!

  • Is that plywood on the inside of the doors?

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