not all those who wander are lost

This post was a request by Steve, who wanted to see a greatest hits post of Ghetto Dogs. Well, you asked for it !

Starting with my favorite Ghetto Dog, who stopped to stare me down as I drove past him on Alter Road.

Rule # 1.

Never make eye contact with a Ghetto Dog !

“You lookin’ at me??”

Here is the undisputed King of the Ghetto Dog world – looking like a half bear half wolf, I spotted the Alpha Ghetto Dog on a cold Easter morning. We made eye contact across a field that had to be a quarter mile wide. He stopped in his tracks and stared me down.

Heres King Alpha Ghetto Dogs pack

This one tried to sprint across Mack Avenue and got thumped by a mini van. We thought he was a goner, but after a few seconds of laying like this, he popped up and ran away.

The most rediculous Ghetto Dog in history – shorty.

Whoah ! Look at the teets on that bitch !

Another half wolf looking Ghetto Dog, this one spotted me and NotAThemePark while we were coming up out of the St Aubin rail ditch by Eastern Market Yard.

And last but not least – “Mommy, where do Ghetto Dogs come from ? ”

Yeah, but they werent too busy to stare me down.

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