not all those who wander are lost

“You lookin’ at me?”

11 Responses to Ghetto dogs and Plastic Heads

  • This is my first time to this site. These pictures are wonderful. I love that the pictures seem to have a personality all their own. I love how you have zoomed in and capture the little details that make the pictures interesting. I really enjoy the angles and shots of the clowns.

  • That dog is a chow-akita mix.

  • Here you go Kirk – ghetto dog review extravaganza !

    Ive only been cornered a few times. Came close in the Packard Plant with DetroitBlog – not expecting to run into these beasts inside a building.

  • It would be interesting to see some more stray dog pictures but not if it is dangerous to do so. Stay safe!!

  • That is one of the most ugly dogs I have seen in awhile. How many breeds are mixed in there?

  • Yep Joseph – I took the dog photo in Roosevelt Park right in front of MCS. Dog didnt approach me on foot, but was all fired up when I got in my truck and started driving.

    Well, its good to have met a ghetto dog with a name.. Ha!

  • If you shot that near the train station, that dog’s name is Pia, and is the neighborhood stray. He/she chases cars, but runs away from people.

    According to a friend who works at an animal shelter, if a dog attacks, grab your throat with your non-dominant hand to prevent it from biting your neck, and put your other hand behind your back. Offer your elbow for the dog to bite instead of your leg so that you can keep your balance, then punch the dog in the nose or in the back of the skull.

    Dogs here can be pretty dangerous.

  • Oh yeah – its been a few years now since ive gotten myself cornered by a pack. Its my only real fear out there.

    Remember the story a couple years back about the stray spotted with a human limb or leg bone running out of an abandoned building ? Only in Detroit.

  • Those heads are in some storefront windows on Merchants Row along Woodward, downtown. I think they are from the the Thanksgiving parade people.

  • Great pics as usual! Where are those crazy looking clowns? Is that some kind of store or something?

  • First photo= Life after people.