not all those who wander are lost

Pulling out of an extended illness here brought on by a great deal of stress, and this morning for the first time I feel like I’m crawling up out of my casket. Which is worlds better than a few days ago.

A few more safari posts, and I’ll be back out in the field – so much going on around town right now.

I like these posts for their randomness, and for the carpet bomb effect of driving all over town and getting a quick look at a million things. I know high ISO hand held out the window shots make the real photographers out there a little sea sick, but I employ any method available when playing with my camera. As long time readers will understand, I take much more of a White Album approach to the photos on the site overall, as opposed to more of a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band approach, like many of the other Detroit photographers do. And I respect the hell out of quite a few of those photographers for their approach. But if you get freaked out when “Revolution #9” comes on, just flip the record over and listen to “Birthday” again….. lol

I am what I am.

Crime. See it. Text it. – and if you are driving in Michigan while texting this – report that crime as well……. heh.

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