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Old “Noface”, looking rough these days.

Hip living people ! Hard to resist THAT ! Let’s go look at some “models”.

Okay, so they are not exactly finished, and yes – totally abandoned, but that means there is still time to get on that V.I.P list !

This is exactly how my head feels this Monday morning, could not have said it better !

The former home of the most important architect ever to grace Detroit, (and one of the most important in history for that matter) Albert Kahn. You would never know this, as there is not a single sign or indication that this was the home he built for his family. How could there be no historical marker here for him ? I think that is an oversight that is simply unforgivable.

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  • Suzie – I have not been inside that one, although somebody is tending to it , as it has been refurbished in past years. It is quite interesting, I will see what I can do. I am also curious about the inside of Albert Kahn’s house (Detroit Urban League)

  • I was in the basement, and the back of the second floor, as most of the rest was collapsed as you will see in the photos.

  • Thanks, dfunk. I’ve been on 63alfred many times and I have read Kossik’s book. I always check it out hoping to see more pics put up. Looking forward to seeing what you uncover! The front staircase in the RG was long gone by looks of the pics you have on here already. Did you hang out in the back of the second floor? Sounds fun.

  • Hey Dfunk, I was wondering if you had more info on the 206 Eliot home or any pics of your own? I love this house and would pay for a tour! I know it was built 1901 by a lumber baron, thats all I can find. Actually, I’m lying, I love all the houses in Brush Park. Thanks! :-) Sadly you are correct, there is no love for Albert Kahn where there should be.

  • I dunno about AIA, what sort of authority they have over such issues. But I do know somebody on the Detroit Historical board, and I will ask her about this. I have a lot of Jewish friends who are quite prominent people, and I believe that from this perspective I could start the ball rolling on a fund raising thing. I cant believe the Jewish community has not already stepped up to do this out of pure pride for this man and his contributions to modern civilization. Sometimes people just need reminders or some history to get fired up.

  • Chris – for Ransom Gillis data, let me defer to the person who has the most knowledge in the world available on that structure – John Kossik email :

    “63 Alfred” is the original address, if you are thrown off by the name.

    Lucien Moore house – Ive located my interior photos, but they are sketchy at best. I will get those posted this week.

    My Ransom Gillis interiors -I will dig those up as well. That floor plan was modified so many times, you wouldnt even believe. I have some video in there as well, and this was before the new roof was put on to shutter the house, so they are the final glimpses of it in its remaining condition before this recent semi-restoration. I was inside there a few times to take photos and video, and me and an explorer friend would even go into what was left of upstairs for “refreshments” now and then.

  • Hmmm, wondering if the AIA (American Institute of Architects) would be of any help…

  • dfunk! If you have time, could you upload any pics of the inside of the Lucien Moore and Ransom Gillis houses that haven’t already been uploaded to detroitfunk? I would be eternally grateful. Also, check out someone’s guess at the RG floorplan. I’ve been trying to figure it out myself, but I need more interior photos.
    Thanks man!

  • It’s about $3000 for a sign I think, Michigan Central Station Preservation Society explored getting one, but decided to wait until it becomes a place where it won’t get stolen

  • That sure is an historical marker you see there Jason, which makes it even more of a bitter irony for me. That marker is for the current organization which uses the house, the Detroit Urban League.

    So back in 1978, they went through the trouble of explaining the D.U.L. organization on a sign, yet failed to mention Albert Kahn at all. Not on a separate sign, and not even on the back on the sign. (I looked, sometimes the back of these signs has different info, like the Motown sign) I am not too sure who to talk to about this, but it is on my to do list. Do they need money for a sign ? Well, let’s get some money together – that wouldn’t be hard.

  • Isn’t that a historical marker in the front yard to the left of the sidewalk?

  • Where is Henry T. Brush’s place?


  • He and his brother invented a little thing called “reinforced concrete” – hahahahahahaha ! Why the heck is he not a household name along with Edison and Ford and F.L. Wright, I’ll never understand.

  • Albert who? Never heard of him…

  • More recognition for Kahn…I always appreciate your attention to architecture! Thanks dfunk!

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