all who wander are not lost

5 Responses to Frozen Brush Park

  • maybe somebody countin his stacks and decided to toss him into the freeway ditch lol. somewhere on youtube Crawly has a video of (perhaps even the same guy) some guy doing just that. video is entitled, “Miracles Do Happen” if im not mistaken, lol. dude stands up out of his chair and counts out a couple hundo before pushing his chair down Cass.

  • Not an original idea…remember the movie Trading Places? Perhaps the guy is temporarily living in Grosse Pointe now.

  • There us a guy in a wheel chair that harasses tourists during games when people are parking around the Brewsters. This is his chair, dunno what happened to dude though. I usually see him walking around pushing the chair, and when he sees a good mark he jumps in the chair and starts moaning. Ha !

  • WTF is goin on in #2…?

    alien abduction? a Tiny Tim xmas miracle…?

  • love pic #5

    trees look beautiful