not all those who wander are lost

Yeah – you heard it here first. We get this stuff that can only be called “frogst”… A combination of thick fog, and bitter cold frost in sub freezing temps. The result is the fog sticks to every surface and freezes – and you can see thick crystalline clouds of the stuff rolling around a foot in front of your face.

Frogsty day.

Frogsty sunrise.

Frogsty trees

Frogsty ghetto

Frogsty sparrows

I love it, everything looked like the fake christmas crap people buy and put around their apartment to make things “christmassy”. But its real. S’crazy.

Frogsty streets..

2 Responses to FROGST

  • It’s called “hoar frost”. But calling those sparrows “hoary sparrows” isn’t as nice or fun as calling them “frogsty sparrows.” I am sure they would agree. Well, ghettosparrows may argue the point, but then they can be quite bitchy.

  • Fog + Frosty = Frogsty
    Thats vintage Sonny Elliot.