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A lonely survivor of the west side Riviera Theatre

WOW – Reader Mike asked if the holes in the Riviera sign were bullet holes. I went back to look at the full images more closely, in person I thought it was simply rust pitting in the metal. They sure as hell appear to be bullet holes. Heres a high key blow up of a few of the entry holes, showing the characteristic indented pattern bullet strikes make in metal. It looks like either occasional target practice, or maybe a shotgun blast. wtf ?

Need a mattress ?

3 Responses to FREE PARKING

  • lol… Gotta love it.

  • Hey Mike –

    I thought that was pitting from the sign rusting. Some of it is. I pulled out the full res photo and looked more carefully…Most of it is DEFINITELY bullet holes (they make a unique and distinctive impression)

    WTF !

  • In the Riviera sign, are those bullet holes?