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In South Western Detroit – this is in the Woodmere area: Frederick W. Higgins School

See folks, it IS POSSIBLE to close a Detroit school building without destroying every bit of it.

Yep, there is still gang graffiti and what not to contend with, but that isnt any different than when the building was open.

This building has some beautiful art nouveau / deco details

That spider web motif is a real strong nouveau element.

One of the most prominent examples of that motif used extensively in a structure here in the States is the Fleur De Lac Mansion which was used extensively in The Godfather movies. This natural spider web pattern can be seen in the leaded window frames of Michael Corleones home, both in the office and bedroom. In the begining of The Godfather III, the home is shown in ruins. There is a scene in this sequence that shows french style doors with the distinct spider web pattern. (the home was used in the first movie for the horse head scene.)

Heres a video tour of Michael Corleone’s “Tahoe mansion” :

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