not all those who wander are lost

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  • thanks dfunk, we’ll head over there this week. I lurked at detroityes in the months preceding our move here from san francisco last september. some of the personalities in the forum scared the shit out of me more than the city ever has, but it was a great place to learn about some of the esoteric stuff about the city and I loved seeing how passionate people are about it. your site was also a huge part of what attracted us to moving to the city; you always made San Francisco seem boring in comparison.

  • Hey dutch, welcome to Metro Detroit.

    This is on the north west side, on Wyoming Street. South of 7 mile road, north of McNichols – west side of the street.

    Make sure to check out the forum since you are newish here (if you havent yet). Info about everything there.

  • wow, long time admirer of your site and relatively new resident of detroit here. I have slowly been taking my daughter to every freaky old rusty playground in the city, and I know she and I would both love to see this (even though it’s not a playground). Would you mind sharing its location (by e-mail if you don’t want to post it here). I would truly be in your debt. Thanks.

  • hi–this is more of a question than a post…a year or so ago you had a quote at the top of your page…something like “out of the ashes…” do you know the whole quote or where it came from? thanks.


  • no they have never moved.

  • It looks like those things were made originally to move (pivot around the center bar). Does anyone know if they ever did?