not all those who wander are lost

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  • Mac – thanx

    Older posts automatically shut off comments after a certain time period because of comment spam.

  • DF, great shot of Obama.

    I think this comment may relate to a previous entry but (a) for some reason I can’t comment on that entry and (b) I think the shots in this entry are maybe more true to character :)

  • Hey Chris –

    No – not Livonia, twas the shining Metropolis of Centerline. Shit, they practically had military troops out for this cheesy little city picnic thing. That town must have serious crowd control issues. I had to check in through a security gate with two armed officers and a kid who wanted to “search” me. I said “no thanks” and walked in.

  • Man! those clowns are creaping me out. Feel like they might bite my arm off if I deposit trash. Was this Livonia?

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