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  • As usual, great stuff. I’ve never been to Ft. Wayne ‘cept through the lenses of great Detroit area photographers. It’s really very beautiful in these springtime shots. So glad for people like nailhead and the Preservation Ft. Wayne peeps, that they actually care because you know, if it weren’t actually a fortified structure designed to keep people out, it would be more trashed and ashed than it actually is. While I’ve never been in there, I’ve been to the immediate hood and it’s very striking, with the bridge and all. Thx.

  • I have another FW post coming here, just busy round the house. Ill include the new door construction etc.

  • actually there are also these entrances to the casemates,


    …which have obviously lost their doors entirely, and i know we have actively been putting doors back on those to keep damage to a minimum. they are the little white huts with the rounded roofs.

  • yeah i wasnt too sure about what was exactly meant by replacing the doors on the casementes, i only overheard this like a couple weeks ago, and i am not on that crew so i didnt get the full scoop. but there are a couple that are messed up badly.

    Dfunk, if you look at the top of the old barracks on the right hand side of the front, there’s also a dormer window that has been partially repaired & repainted also. this was done by myself & several other guys on the window crew the first day i worked there. its getting to be that time of year again, so they will prolly be doing more window work soon. they were starting of course on the worst ones, just getting em to where they would actually keep the elements out.

    the building was actually mothballed from January to Feb by the city to “save money” when Bing was on the war path there. they shut down the boiler and we had to move all of our stuff out like paints & varnishes & stuff.

    rumor has it that painting will occur soon on the rear face of the old barracks; they are thinking about whitewashing it over all the brick & everything…YUCK! lol, this however does have historical precedent i suppose; the director had said the blg had been done up that way in the past according to old photos. the reason this time is for appearances…supposedly it will make the place look much less drabby…*shrug*

    also on May 15 we will be doing a joint cleanup of Livernois’ approach to the Fort, with Blight Busters i think. try to make the place less…..Detroited, lol

    we spent a lot of hard labor this fall & winter to knock down the scrub trees along the front fence and NCO row and elsewhere. one especially difficult part was the slope leading down to sally port (you almost got a picture of the area in your 12th shot). god DAMN what a bitch to work busting stumps on that incline in the snow :D

  • I did notice that Nail – and I saw the folks working by the stables near the main road. I also noticed some of the work they are doing on the doors, and surely no original doors were harmed in the process ! Guys were also painting doors on that main barrack building, and talking about how hard it is to meet historical specs, but they do it.

    Looks like the ol girl is getting some love lately.

  • Nailhead, can you clarify the ‘replacing the old doors?’ I applaud your efforts at the Fort but I hope the crew are not removing original doors. Thanks again for posting, I really enjoyed the photos.

  • Agree, the last pic is great. We did a tour of this place late 09, day after the Mason’s temple visit.
    Great visit!

  • i like your last shot btw…i have a similar one but it’s taken horizontal

  • other than by appointment, the Fort is only open to the public during the summer months i believe (i cant find those dates anymore however…this may have changed)


    “The Fort is open to visitors Saturday and Sunday. The Fort is open 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. on Sunday. Secured, on-site parking is available for $5.00”

    here’s a new site i just noticed:
    ghost-hunting, heheheh…

    yeah i wanted to be there that day but i had to work at my “real” job, lol…the grounds crew and others were thaere that day working on our projects, one of which is replacing the old doors on the casemates.
    you may notice that there is a lot less overgrowth this year ;)

  • They had a flea market, so it was open and there was a guy giving tours.

  • I tried a visit way back, and they turned us away, because we didn’t have an appointment or was in a tour group. Can you just drop by?

  • Nice. Possibly the only part of Detroit where hostile shots have not been fired?

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