not all those who wander are lost

While it may be true that not shots have ever been fired FROM the fort in anger, sure dont mean shots have never been fired in anger AT the fort – hahahaha !

One of the living quarters, with the obligatory Flickr guy next to it.

An actual Native-American burial mound. This cemetery style is called a “mound”, and the remains are lain to rest in layers. This is legally a cemetery, and is holy ground to Native-Americans. Apparently some of the residents of the mound got to go away to school at University of Michigan. Not on a scholarship though, to be studied. Let’s hope those folks are returned one day to this cemetery.

The Post Theater.

Nice views (and smells) from the Zug Island blast furnaces.

2 Responses to Fort Wayne part two

  • Have over 30 years in the repair and renovation of period and historic properties, would look forward to working on any of these structures..

  • Our tour guide took us to the Indian mound and said the really overgrown, brushy state is what the Indians wanted…to us Westerners, it looks unkempt, but these guys/gals have a different outlook…
    He said the ‘officers row’ was used during the 67 riots to hold dis-placed people, and then some stayed on for years!

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