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The Enlisted Men’s Barracks, 1894

Stables – there are several of these structures around the compound.

Stair cases in front of the Powder Magazine building.

Here are a few interesting historic bricks, sitting next to one of the new door structures being built, as discussed in the last thread. I didn’t get a shot of the doorway (thought i did) but it isn’t tampering in any way with any remaining historical fixtures. In reality it is simply making it possible to lock and secure all parts of the fort.

Here is another shot of the Indian burial mound. This is the west facing fence, and as Nailhed described there are small flags and things tied to the fence honoring the dead. The tour guide is on the far left explaining the pear trees and the remains that were located under the side walk to the left of the mound in this photo. When I got a load of what this place is, I walked away to look at other parts of the fort. My first instinct was to take some good photos of it, or people looking at it. Then I suddenly felt yucky for standing around gawking at it, and decided to leave the Indian folks be.

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  • DF and naihead- thanks for the photos and the details. Really interesting.

  • heh, yeah it predates the Fort, the City of Detroit, and maybe even the modern English Language! ;)
    the mound is at least 900 years old, and maybe up to 1,500 years old.

    my understanding is that it is not necessarily the Pottawattomie, but rather their ancestors the “Hopewell”. which if i remember is more of a name given to them by anthropologists to describe the time period and area they lived in, namely the midwest. they are an ancient people whose only remaining vestiges are these mounds.

    by the way, there is a Fort Wayne fundraiser tommorrow (Weds 4/21) if you are going to be near Flat Rock, its at the Big Boy restaurant, 27050 Telegraph Rd. they have graciously decided to donate 10% of total sales of the restaurant between 5pm and 9pm to the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition.

  • Hey hairysasquatch –

    Check out the comments on the previous Fort Wayne posts. Nailhed lays out the whole story behind the mounds. I know he works at the Fort, and I know he knows everything about the place – so I added various things to the successive posts with his info in mind. Actually, Nail throws down much of the hard core info that appears in the comment section of this site.

    The “indians” in question are the mighty Potawatomi.

  • I am curious about the Indian burial ground – did it predate the fort itself? Do they say anything about this on the tours? I would be especially interested to know if it was identified any more specifically than “Native American” – Huron? Wyandot? Odawa?

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