Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

From the Forest Hill Cemetery website:

Founded by a group of leading Ann Arbor businessmen and University of Michigan professors in 1857 to serve as a community burial ground, Forest Hill Cemetery is one of Ann Arbor’s finest landmarks. It is organized as a private, non-profit corporation.

The Cemetery’s cut field-stone gatehouse and sexton’s house have been designated Historic Buildings by the Ann Arbor Historic District Commission. James Morwick built the Gothic stone entrance—the gateway bell was originally rung for funerals. The stone house and office were added in 1874, designed by Gordon W. Lloyd, an architect of English origin who was the preeminent architect of Gothic Revival churches and cathedrals in the Midwest in the 1860s and 1870s. Lloyd was the architect of St. Andrews Episcopal Church and the Congregational Church of Ann Arbor, as well as Central United Methodist Church and the David Whitney House (currently “The Whitney” restaurant) in Detroit.

Famous residents: ever hear of Bo Schembechler ?

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