not all those who wander are lost

Disaster in Midtown as the historic 1905 Forest Arms Apartments suffer a 5 alarm fire. Early reports suggest that a man locked himself in his apartment and set the fire. I believe everybody was able to get out safely, but I am not sure on that. I know the DFD helped many people escape in the early hours. I dont know about you, but I can think of nothing more terrifying than waking up with your home on fire.

[recent addition: night time fire photos from adrianplatts:]

This top floor apartment was my friend Marlos home while I was in college. I used to sit in that bay window and watch all the crazy shit go down at night. There used to be a bank of payphones across the street, and that was an epicenter of all manner of suspect activity. Crazy that the whole apartment is gone now.

Can you say “water damage” ?

The real heroes of Detroit – the mighty DFD.

God bless the DFD.

4 Responses to FOREST ARMS FIRE

  • Freak’n awesome photos my states-side brother!

  • Hey, yes everyone got out safely.

    I live a few houses away and I’m really going to miss this landmark beauty.

    What a sad day all due to one person’s incapacity to deal with life. It’s simply amazing no one was severely injured.

  • I did hear that the Amsterdam coffee shop had just this week decided not to renew its fire insurance! If true, really sad timing. But not the only residents without insurance I’m sure.

    More shots here taken by a friend: