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  • Good shot of the old side windows… There area lot of them on the east and west side of the three story building. But they are being removed, one by one, and being repaired (with a lot of epoxy) then put back in. So the origional windows will be back in place. Looks like a few decades till completion.

    The street windows on the restored front are all new, deep green, aluminum clad. They resemble the look design) of the origional. I guess they had enough money and wanted to expidite the front.

    There was an ugly garage service door where the nicely restore front door is.

    The white paint was cleaned off the brick, at the front was professionally redone (no volunteers, I believe).

    I hope nobody makes off with the State of Michigan memorial plaque.

  • I was there in late summer, took the “walking tour”,
    and the lady who lives in Ford’s old house gave it…we walked all around the area, the other dozen participants seemed pretty alarmed at how ghetto the area is..but we had driven through a month prior…nontheless, it’s the bomb, if you like old stuff or creative people/things. If I lived nearby, I would be helping out there. (295 mile drive for me!)

  • The Piquette Avenue Plant is a museum. Located just east of Woodward Ave.

    The front of the building was restored to it’s 1909 appearance (at great expense at about $100K for the brick restore).

    This is where Henry Ford perfected the Model T Car and the moving assembly line which was implemented in the next Ford factory at Highland Park (on Woodward Ave.)

    This Museum at Piquette Ave Plant is operated by a guy who owns and lives in Henry Fords house on Edison Ave. in the Boston/Edison District. Talk about an enthusiast.

    It is well worth a visit. all three floors are open. A group of retirees are removing the wooden windows one at a time and restoring. Just google Piquette Ave Ford Plant and that will lead you to their website for info as I forget their web

  • What is it reused as now? Condos?

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