not all those who wander are lost

The fifth and final installment in the Fisher Building series – we’ll take a look at some bronzes, mosaics, and the fantastic lighting in the arcades.

This is the massive floor bronze under the main dome between the two vaulted arcades.

Here are a selection of some of the bronze reliefs

Showing a bit of water damage, heres an awsome Aztec head on the solid bronze trim.

Check out some of the incredible mosaic pieces –

This is a great little detail above the theater entrance. The old “Body By Fisher” logo.

This concludes the Fisher Building series. Stop by and check her out sometime – its worth the time.

5 Responses to Fisher Building pt.5

  • Your website is fantastic. Your passion inspires my reverence for the past masters, awe at their ability and attention to detail and pride that the Fisher Building remains a cherished and vital part of the past, present and future history of our great city.

    Jack Edwartoski, PE

  • Great pictures as always DF!

    Anyone have a link or pictures of the full plans before the depression stopped the project? Would be interesting to see.

  • Just a quick and simple Thank You for showing the world what a beautiful building this is and the potential it could have had. Dang depressions! I saw the original plan a few years back and it was amazing. This building all by itself is still amazing so I’m happy its there.


  • This has been a wonderful series on the fisher Building; I hope it prompts lots of people to go have a close look tor themselves. The artistry is magnificent and your photography really captures the beauty of the place. Taking pictures there is a challenge and you score a perfect 10.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to show the Fisher building. Your pictures are amazing, as is the building itself, I cant wait to go see it.
    Thanks again, I really enjoyed seeing it, and appreciate the work you always put into your site.