not all those who wander are lost

Part three of the Fisher Building series – its cold out here, so lets go inside.

The interiors are composed of over 40 types of marble, with solid bronze trim. High Art Deco, murals, details and mosaics cover every inch of this place. Vaulted arcades – not one, but two – form an “L” shaped interior space that makes the spirit soar.

This post is going to concentrate on the vast interior vaulted ceilings and spaces.

While the ceilings are stunning from ground level, you have to go up to the second and third levels to get a closer look. The hallways up there are stunning.

The rosette around the main chandelier.

The vaulted ceiling murals are complex, adorned with many designs and creatures – today I am just showing the voluminous spaces, but tomorrow we will take a close up look at many of these paintings.

The arches on either side of the Fisher Theater have brilliant inscriptions, the theater side reads:

The Drama’s Laws The Drama’s Patron/ Give: For what We That Live To Please, Must Please To Live.

And if there were ever any question as to why humans go to such incredible lengths to create art and architecture of this caliber, if any body ever wondered ……..”why bother?” – this inscription says it all. An answer to why so many of us artists toil for years, many times with little or no financial reward for what is ultimately a labor of love:

To Wake The Soul By Tender Strokes of Art ~ To Raise The Genius And To Mend The Heart.

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