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Part two in a week long series of posts about the Fisher Building.

Built for the seven Fisher Brothers in 1928 by Albert Kahn. The original design called for a mirror tower on the opposite side of the Boulevard, as well as a third and larger central tower. The Great Depression stopped this project in its tracks, but thankfully we still have the completed first phase of the plan. A strong reaction to what Kahn considered “the glorification of steel and glass”, the Fisher Building is rich in gorgeous materials and design.

Today we look at the main entryway with its multiple granite and bronze reliefs. Ive never been able to confirm any of the specific artists involved with the building, but it sure looks like the hand of Corrado Parducci on these works.

Tomorrow we go inside to see the interiors.

This one is awsome – “ICARUS”

This guy hugging the building is cool

4 Responses to Fisher Building pt.2

  • Man, you really captured the beauty of this building. The photos and the history are mind-blowing.


  • dF, you are truly the master! These photos are incredible! I, too, can’t wait to see the interior photos!

    Happy Valentine’s Day,


  • Yeah – there are classic references in the icons, but also archetypal ones. The figures clutching beehives represent commerce, as bees save pollen which creates honey. Collectively all the symobolism is intended to celebrate commerce, industry and the arts. You’ll notice some of the figures are clutching automobiles or airplanes – and also the vegetation that resembles mechanical gears. The interior motifs echo these themes.

  • Fascinating mixture of iconography. I think I saw Hercules, Death, Peace and perhaps Medusa (though I could be wrong :-). Are you able to identify any of the other images? Looking forwards to the shots from inside.