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This week I will be detailing exteriors and interiors from the fantastic Fisher Building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroits New Center area 3 miles north of Downtown.

In my opinion, the Fisher Building is one of the most spectacular buildings ever created. It stands up against the Chrysler Buidling in New York, and holds its own against the classics of Europe. For Art Deco, it is perhaps the finest structure on the face of the earth.

It is an Albert Kahn masterwork, created in pre-Depression Detroit with an almost unlimited materials budget. Mr. Kahn was given full artistic control of the project. A rare series of events for architecture. The results are nothing less than mind blowing and spine tingling.

I could spend months documenting all the details inside and outside of this place, it almost hurts my head how much attention to detail there is here. Everywhere I look I notice new things, everytime I go I see it in a new light. Its as if the Sistine Chapel was on your street corner and you could go in any time.

Todays post is a collection of shots and extreme blow ups of the downspout and facade statuary on the exteriors of the structure. I tried to get some kind of shot of each one of them. Some of these photos are pretty sketchy – but I wanted people to take note of all the creatures that adorn this skyscraper.

These guys hold up large window ledge details.

The elephants are among my favorites..


Sea creature

Ram head

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