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I haven’t taken a good look at the ceilings inside the Fisher Building since February 2006. This last winter was especially harsh, with record precipitation and cold.

Time and weather are indeed taking their toll inside the priceless Fisher Building, and the stencil work and murals are taking a hit. The concern is that due to the current economic conditions, a building like this may suffer irreparable damage before anyone can afford proper restoration.

It just isn’t that cheap these days to pay people to go up on a ceiling and paint amazing pictures with pure gold paint…

You can see the leaks and plaster runoff from the rotunda in two areas which then run down several stories.

This is near the western entry.

Same area showing both sides, each with damage.

But overall this building still looks amazing. For its age and everything considered, it is in good condition.

The place is still top shelf, so hopefully this minor water damage is not a beginning of a negative trend where this building eventually slips away from us.

The problem with the damage that is starting now, is that once water finds a way through a structure it tends to worsen the deterioration with time. Think “Grand Canyon“.

“Water Always Wins”..
Glen Haege

The Fisher Building is my personal recommendation for a request of Federal economic stimulus package funds. Restore and preserve this important building and employ the highly skilled people it will take to do the job right. This particular building was always so well cared for, there is no reason it should not be in perfect order to see its 200th birthday. Or its 300th birthday.

Save the Fisher Building !

6 Responses to Fisher Building Damage

  • The only way you are going to preserve these beautiful buildings is to make the people that swoop in and buy them do it.I know from personal experience that the present owners are not maintaining the building the way the previous owners did.The only thing they are interested in is squeezeing every dime out of the building then they will probably abandon it…Check and see how many empty properties Farbman Co has.

  • Bob – wasnt it everybody rushing out of the City that destroyed it to begin with ? You go ahead and take care of your Twelve Oaks Mall or Birch Run or whatever.. Plenty of folks around still want to preserve what is left in the City.

  • Thank you for documenting the damage and taking on the cause of what is truly one of the country’s greatest, and most underappreciated, skyscrapers. I always bring visitors from out of town here and they are amazed at the beauty and majesty of a building they’ve never heard of. Far too often in our town damage of this sort to one of our landmarks isn’t noted publicly until it’s too late, so you are doing a real service. Oh, and ignore jackasses like Bob. Utterly unhelpful opinions like his are far too common around here too.

  • How true the wording over the one arch “Commerce is the Life of the Nation.”

  • If you want to save the fisher building, move it out of the city. Actually if you want to save anything in Detroit, move it out of the city.

  • I like using that Glen Haege quote myself.

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