not all those who wander are lost

Headed back down to the fireworks this year, but this time rather than up in one of the towers I was down with the people. LOTS of people. I did not venture into Hart Plaza, because I wouldnt have been able to do much photographywise down there. So I roamed around along Jefferson. Wayyy too many people for my comfort level, but I just cant resist the pretty lights. lol

The aftermath…

4 Responses to Fireworks 2006

  • Great Shots!! We ca always count on you to capture the moment…

  • Another wonderful bag of “image popcorn” for the eyes, heart and soul. I especially like the photo with the caption “The Aftermath” with the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in the distant background. Seeing that monument lit up at night is brilliant. I think a 360° night photo shoot of that Civil War Memorial at night would be breathtaking.

  • you must have been moving around downtown pretty quickly. was it just me, or did the fireworks seem to only last about 15 minutes this year?

  • Cool shots. Some day I will make it down for the show. Maybe next year. In the mean time, I bet some of these shots would look really interesting in HDR.