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Festival Of The Arts 2005

I think the sand sculptures are probably one of the coolest things every year.

As usual, a hundred stands of festival food. Heres a rack of mystery meat. At these things you have to buy tickets to purchase food etc. Thats so the festival people dont steal the money. It works like “Disney Dollars” – they sell you an even amount of tickets but every purchse is an odd amount. Leaving you with useless tickets at the end. I was going to get a smoothie or something because it was in the mid 90’s with 75% humidity – but best I could figure it would have cost $14 (USD)…..yeah.

Skateboard dude was not part of the festival, but he was rockin so I stopped to watch for a minute.

The International Center on the College for Creative Studies campus had a side stage with all these little FarEastern (I want to say India, but it could be a number of cultures from the region) girls dressed and dancing in their culturally traditional style. VERY freakin cool. These little ones were dead serious and very good.

Later I was passed by two gentlemen, one playing a bagpipes, and one playing an Eastern drone instrument – I want to say Saroud or something, but I am not sure. [DF:the drone instrument is a Gopichand – info from TwoStringsShort] Its interesting that all the instruments of the world are so closely related. Sitar from India, Guitar from Spain, Lute from the Celts, Banjo from Africa, Oud from Persia – are all the same genesis. The drone based instruments too, like the bagpipes.

East meets West.

They were followed by little ones on traditional outfits – but from where I am not sure..Similar to the Indian girls, but perhaps from Cashmere or Mongolia ? Shoulda asked.

In one bandshell was a gypsy jazz band – VERY good stuff.


Check out this dudes axe – made in Kalamazoo Michigan by Gibson. But it aint a guitar. Basically a baritone eukelele with four strings. [DF: the four string Gibson is a Tenor Guitar.- info from TwoStringsShort]

A very early period jazz instrument. Check out Squirrel Nut Zippers for this type of instrument in an original musical context.

“Put a Lid On It” !

Awwww…Beauty and the Beast taking photos with children..How very sweet. Hey wait – did I mention that the heat index with about 117 degrees F yesterday ?

Yeah, the Beast aint looking too happy in his fur suit and makeup. I seriously felt bad for this fella. I thought he was going to die right in front of me.

The MetroTimes bandshell over by Science Center had more Indian music. Im a huge fan of that stuff – so dFUNK was a happy camper.

Guy jamming on the Sitar – the band was a mix of Indian high classical instruments and Western pop music instrumentation.


Pewabic Pottery was there of course

More ceramic goodies..

And ART ON THE MOVE was there too – AOTM is a mentorship program of established artists working with inner city children. This was originally run by the late Professor Joseph Wesner.

Seeing Art On The Move was bittersweet and a mere echo of what the program had been. In later years I have been able to forgive Joseph for taking his own life, but I still miss the guy. And the Detroit art scene will never be the same without his massive influence.

Cool castle thingys.

As far as “fine art” being displayed at craft and food festivals, I will let this presentation speak for itself. “Can I have that one on the curb in the water puddle please ?”

A very friendly bird owned by one of the displaying artists hanging with guests.

Hey – whats this ? A stack of Real Detroit Weekly with the dETROITfUNK cover story ?


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