not all those who wander are lost

Headed far out of the City for the refuge of the roads. American farms are one of my very favorite things, and I spend a lot of time prowling around taking photos of them. The State of Michigan is made up primarily of these places, with the few major cities and suburb areas being the exception. Small C19 towns, farms and fields are what actually hold this place together.

2 Responses to Farm Funk

  • Actually, it’s called the “Injun” Prarie Farm. When I lived in GR back in the mid 80’s, I visited his place and did my own photodocumentary of the place. Garbutt is a tragic figure – an amazing sign painter that got messed up by a combination of things… his imagery of the celestial milkhouse and Puff da magic dragon are downright disturbing. I went back a couple of times but it is a shell of what it used to be. Bought a couple of his pieces – the most outrageous ones are inside the farmhouse. Hmm, maybe I should put them up on the web. Very inspiring site,df. I check it regularly.

  • df-Next time you are out that (lowell)way you must check out the “hippie barn” at Ingin Praire Farm-crazy artist(farmer) Garbutt Graham. Just south of I96 at the Lowell exit. I hope its still there-and hope Garbutt still painting. Also take a look at his fathers work and his mothers paint by number Jesus. Peace MH