not all those who wander are lost

Say goodbye to the sunny skies and warm days, as we prepare to slip into our cold gray winter coma here in the Midwest.

10 Responses to Fade to Gray

  • A very very strong series indeed DF, well done.

  • William – thats Chene Park, its an outdoor theater on the river east of RenCen:

  • Well, I do have to ask. What building is the 4th photo of?

  • Jay – I didnt do that, Chad did that photo. I was standing in the archway looking down and he took the photo of me and dblog standing there.

    When you are standing in that archway, you can go behind the walls of the ceiling through the doors on either side. Then you crawl up over the dome, but uh – that isnt something I reccomend ! Chad is a lot thinner than me too.

  • I love foggy detroit.

    wrong post but how do you get about the domes in mcs? i know you have the shot when you stuck your camera through the hole. where is that hole?


  • You are the Master, dFunk…my sentiments are like Jon’s: these pix take my breath away.

  • thanks for the good words.

    Nav- I got your comment but it was lost this morning due to trouble with the MySQL database. Um..Thanks, I think.

    That and a hard drive with the last 9 months of photos seized as I literally was sitting down to back it all up. Bad day here.

    These are in Rivertown along the water by Chene Park.

  • Very cool. I wish I had the skills.

  • awesome, awesome shots! and yes that first shot takes your breath away. Thought it was belle isle for a minute, now i have no clue.

  • GREAT shots, dfunk! that first one is a potential award winner, beautiful. i don’t recognize the area, though.