not all those who wander are lost

“Face the Station” an art project in the two abandoned houses next to Roosevelt Hotel across from Michigan Central Station.

Here is the two houses as they look now. The hotel will be made into lofts in 2005, according to the signs that used to be on it.

Here is the two houses before the most recent arson fire.

Before the project –

And now.

Here is the rear section of the painted house, before the fire.

And here is the view of the two houses from behind, now.

This is all right across Roosevelt Park from MCS.

Let’s take a look inside the painted house. The website says the house on the right will be disassembled.

This burnt wood installation thing is pretty cool. Looks very much like one of the torch burned Louise Nevelson sculptures.

Here’s the burned side.

I didn’t see any people until I had already walked through, and I thought it was done – or open or whatever, but I’m not sure if it is or not ?

4 Responses to Face The Station

  • Well Old Skool, I don’t gamble but the odds of you hitting the town I live in were about 485 to 1.

    And just where do I live? Ferndale!

    Dang! 5.8 Million is in the next state lottery, lol.

  • hey kahnmann, where in Washington State? My sister lives in Ferndale. Completely different from my east coast urban yankee outlook. How do people live out there with the cows and whatever?

  • Interesting. I’ll have to check it out when I’m back in town Thanksgiving week. Any other guerrilla art projects you can direct me to? I’ll be giving my teenage son his first drive through my old childhood stomping grounds.

    It’s a basic blight and beauty tour that I give each of my teenage kids. I try to balance the history of Detroit’s past, the present economic disparity and signposts of redevelopment prosperity for the future.

    My family out here in Washington state live such a white bread life. I feel the need to show them how the majority of people in the world experience a far different life than their own…

  • LOVE THIS! :)

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