not all those who wander are lost

The mighty Lee Plaza sits dead in the water – looking eyeless and blind with all its windows poked out.

Lee Plaza parking sign

The tower of the Fisher Building in New Center

Clocktower of Old Main in Midtown. Old Main was the original high school for Detroit, it now serves as part of the Wayne State University sprawl.

Detroits HockeyTown Cafe

Hockeytown is hurting for business like all hockey related venues downtown. No hockey no money.

Looks like Hockeytown is trying to diversify. Probably wise.

If Detroit wants a billion dollar fixer-upper its already got the dead Book Cadillac Hotel to stare at.

The weasel mover clanking along its noisy slow track.

Weasel mover making its way past the soon to be missing Statler Hotel.

Park Street view of the Stat.

6 Responses to Eyeless and Blind

  • Dangerous ? Yeah – its dangerous. No – there are not all sorts of murders or anything. Thats histeria. Hanging out at the school itself shouldnt be a big deal. A young woman just got raped in Farmington Hills right on 696 near the Orchard Lake Road exit with people driving by the whole time. Everywhere is dangerous.

  • with you being from Detroit (or frequenting the area), can you tell me how dangerous it is around Northwestern High School; my friends and I want to ride those cement embankments they have with our bicycles, but we’ve been warned only to go early on sundays because of all the murders…

  • Thanks for keeping us updated on the Statler goings on. You’re the only one who does.

  • Old Main wasn’t Detroit’s “original high school,” that title belongs to Capitol High School, which used to sit in Capitol Park, and predates it. The old capitol building was converted to library and high school use after the capital was moved to Lansing in 1847. The building burned in 1893 which probably caused the building of Detroit Central High School (Old Main) in 1896.

  • Lee Plaza is owned by the City of Detroit and sits abandoned and delapidated with no foreseeable renovation plans. This is not in the “loft zone” of development, nor is it in danger of being seen by vistors during Superbowl. So its is not renovated, nor is it secured or demolished.

    In the process, the City has allowed the building to be stripped of its architectural details. The prompted Federal inteverntion, resulting in the recovery of the infamous Lee Plaza Lions from a Chicago area condo development.

    Currently hunks of the building regualrly fall on the sidewalk below. When its bad they put barracades up to block the sidewalks. (like Studebaker)

    This building sits right next to NorthWestern High School where many of the Motown performers and emplyees went to school.

  • What’s going on with Lee Plaza? Is it being renovated?