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Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church 1921 – TOAST !

AKA The Powerhouse Temple.

Got word the other day that some asbestos abatement had begun. Got word a few seconds later that the church was gone.

There have been many periods of history here in Detroit: the MotorCity era, the Motown Records era, the pre-Great Depression Prohibition boom era, Chippewa, French and English rule, the 1970’s Renaissance, the Gilded Age….

Well, we are currently experiencing Detroits Age of Demolition.

Groups of helpless historical preservationists gasping in horror as mobs of people chanting “TEAR THAT SHIT DOWN” and driving heavy equipment roar through the City….

9 Responses to Eve Of Destruction

  • Someone needs to alter the address on a demolition intent notice and send the crew over to Kwame’s crib.

  • I was in there last Monday. In the school portion we found the huge bags of asbestos which had already been removed from the structure. Didn’t put the pieces together though, the building was still in really good shape. We were going to go back again during the day…

  • You want to talk about a shitty road? Drive Fort St. out towards Delray.

    Pure Ass.

  • Powerhouse rocked ! Pedro and I went through twice, and also once with the entire Wrecking Crew. I’ll be posting an epitaph of interiors soon. There are too many buildings dropping at once to keep up with it though !

  • Along with worst stagnation of economy and worst unemployment, we are home to the worst roads in North America. Why ?

    Our truck ratings are not tightly enforced, and even when they are, they are more than twice the heavist limit in the country. This causes our cake batter roads to shatter every 60 days. This causes a glut of low-bid road construction contracts. This makes cement and ashphalt folks happy. This keeps people employed.

    Its also costing millions in car repairs and maintenance. Insanity.

    I see people driving motorcycles in Michigan and I think “you crazy” .

  • Nice night pictures, Batman.

    We both know that the building wasn’t viable for a rehab or reuse, but it’s still a shame. Just another hole in the urban landscape as we proceed to return to prairie land. The opossums and pheasants should be happy, tho.

  • You’d think with all the architectural genius that is downtown, that someone could fix the fukking roads. I am originally from Ohio so I am jaded, but damn, they do suck. (<-Second flat tire this year-prompted) Someone needs to stop Kwame before he destroys again.

  • The Germans did a good job bombing our old history in our city. But what’s left is preserved. It’s a fucking shame Detroit gets trashed like this, without a plan whatsoever…

  • Yup, sure sucks don’t it…

    Don’t feel bad it’s a regional thing… Over in Windsor they’re trying to tear all that shit down too…