not all those who wander are lost

Here you go Gail – yes this one gets shot quite a bit actually.

Connor clock on that one building that is now missing.

Is this the one AIW ? That rocks if it is, Ive admired that church for years from afar. Its one of the landmarks in the Straits.

2 Responses to Enjoy Detroit

  • Holy Rosary. That is the one. It is Windsor’s biggest church, seating around 1200, however as you know, it never gets close to capacity.

    A church was on the site before and burned down. This one was built to replace it right at the auto factory boom. The masssive Windsor Ford Model T plant was built across the street as a people flocked to the city for jobs, this big boy was built.

    You’ll see it in Spetember.

  • For those of us who had limited daylight hours to take detroit photos (damn those day jobs)…this is great. Thanks! Now, let me see what else I need a fix for…