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“The guilt of others does not make you innocent”

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  • I’m a former student of Emma Thomas elementary school. My favorite teacher was in second grade Ms. Bailey. I wish I could find her and thank her. She was a God send providing hope and encouragement in the 1960’s.

  • I was so disappointed to see someone had torched Thomas school last time I drove by her. :( This and the old Rose Elementary on Van Dyke are two of my favorite buildings on the east side.

    And @ nailhed, thanks much for recommending that book! I am definitely going to track down a copy. :)

  • Gloria Whelan wrote about living in the neighborhood, attending Emma Thomas, in her book “The First City”…

    some very nice passages quoted there^^

  • Where’s it at? Son & I drove around Packard, summer 09…pretty scary looking, but we managed to avoid trouble. Showed an old guy here (20 mi. west of chicago ) some footage, he couldn’t believe it. And recently, father-in-law refused to believe it still exists…too lazy to come downstairs and look at our fotos.

  • Pretty bleak hood indeed. I walk around there with no troubles though.

  • Sad dissolution in a sad part of the city. How that old school has changed, even in the past couple of years. Not too long ago someone lived in there and the dog houses at the front entrance were home to a pair of guard dogs. Every time I go by this old school I wonder what it was like back in the early 1900s when the neighborhood must have been thriving, filled with folks who worked at Packard, children running around, lots of activity, workers milling about. Now if you stop to take some pictures a police car is likely to stop and warn you to “keep the engine running, the windows up, and the doors locked.”

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