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Part of Detroit Public Schools, located in Hamtramck. I am not sure if this is on the demo list, but as you can see it is endangered.

Another “School Free Drug Zone”.

This building would fit in on the old University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. Looks like one of the Law buildings, actually.

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  • Considering how modest the standard of living was earlier last century, how did schools of this stature get built in the first place?

    Schools, bridges, hospitals, banks, etc., often seemed to be built with a sense to how important the endeavours carried on within them were. Now schools look like knock-down structures to be demolished in a few decades.

    Even (recession notwithstanding) with how much greater our relative wealth is nowadays, we rarely spend to build such significant public structures like this. Have we as citizens gotten cheaper?

    Great pictures again. I hope that there will still be lots of sites for you to take photos of after Detroit works through their demolition list.

  • The place obviously is mammoth, built for way more students than it has currently. If private development would occur, the taxes would be unbearable, due to size..
    Here, we actually have somewhat of the opposite…there is an overcrowded old school (teachers words) on a large land parcel..a huge new school in a dumb location has been built– oldy closed, and is for sale for million$$$$. They did it to make money, nothing to do with education!

  • Ahh 1927. When society gave a rats ass about educating the youth of America. What a quaint concept. Tear that shit down no one needs to be reminded that once we as a society cared about our youth.

  • I dont know if they always save the details. As you can see on the Breirtmeyer post, they do some haphazard detail harvesting some times.

    I think it is wrong to destroy some of the most solid structures ever made. Reuse would be much more forward thinking.

  • Are the stone carvings on these old buildings routinely saved when they demolish these building?

    And what do you think of the planned demolitions?

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