not all those who wander are lost

Power-House Temple R.I.P.



Heres a repost of a couple different trips to the Powerhouse Temple before it was demolished earlier this month.

Raphaelite Jesus painting in Sanctuary

Baptismal – doesnt look like original architectural work does it…heh

Organ keyboards


Power-House Temple

Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church

6 Responses to ELEGY for POWERHOUSE

  • I bet that baptismal is original. The painting of Jesus and his cousin John in the water was probably a more recent addition by somebody cracked out on the Holy Spirit but if this was originally a Baptist church they had to have some place to take a dip. Baptist churches always have water built in, even if it’s just a tin wash tub, unless it’s within walking distance of a river.

    How come you didn’t tell Darts about your penchant for razor wire?

  • Hey DArts –

    How do I keep it exciting ? When I get bored, I pick the most hellacious neighborhood I can find – then I park the car and walk. Hahahah !

    Ive been wandering Detroit since I was 18, so I guess its an obsessive thing. As an artist, it is one of the subjects that fascinates me. Seriously, when I start to get bored I hit the books. I learn some new thing about Detroits history and off I go to some part of the City I hadnt paid attention to before.

    I dont think it would work the same with any other place.

  • Hello,
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I too graduated from ccs….and I also find myself driving around detroit taking pictures/exploring. My question is how do you still keep it exciting?

  • You were lucky to see it in the daylight, my only trip was in the dark. Although, that was creepy in itself.

  • Yeah, not to mention to rock dust, lead paint chips and pigeon shit – all of which are deadly.

  • Great pictures of the poor old Jefferson ave. Baptist Church, especially those from inside. That warning sign about asbestos was the first one like that I’d seen on a buildng being demolished, but none of the guys on the site seemed to be following instructions. The company doing the demo job was cited in 1999 for an asbestos violation so maybe they’re more cautious now. Makes one wonder about other recent demolitions such as Superior Steel and Detroit Screw.