not all those who wander are lost

Mmmmm.. Chickenfish Pizza. Thats gotta have a weird aftertaste.

[heres the whole building]

This sign should read “The DIA – HEY – WE GOT A LIQUOR LICENSE !” after bowtie guy basically turned the place into a blind pig.

8 Responses to Electrical Live Bait Paint

  • there – look at that post again, i added the full shot of the Q place. its on the westside. michigan i think, but maybe warren.

  • Yea it did look like they put forth effort, too bad it did not last.

    Thanks again as always for this site. Its a treat to all of us not living in the lower Glove State.

  • I dunno what it was – looked like a convenience store that was fixed up to be a restaurant – but I really have no idea. It opened and closed between trips out that way. Looks like somebody made a good effort tho, eh ?

  • What type of store was it ?

  • teleways best coffee ever, still glad its open

  • I haven’t been to Honest?Johns in a while but that is an old building, right? It’s not closed is it?!

  • No rj – thats actually a newly closed store in the D.

  • What is the picture of with the Q , is that a new store in the D ?