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This is the east facade of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford mansion in Grosse Pointe Shores.

Edsel was the only son of Henry Ford and Eleanor was a relative of J.L. Hudson.

They moved into this estate on Gaukler Pointe in 1929.

The residence prior to this one was located on Jefferson near Indian Village where the UAW building is today.

This is the west facade entrance of the mansion.

The Fords studied English Cotswold style architecture to develop the look of this estate. Cotswold is a western suburb of London England,

[correction courtesy of Matt Blackcustard:”It is? That’s like saying Battle Creek is a western suburb of Detroit. Incidentally there’s a ‘genuine’ Cotswold cottage as part of the collection at the Greenfield Village.” Cotswold is a district west of London but not next to it. – df]

and its architecture is typified by hewn limestone fitted by hand. Actual craftsmen from Cotswold were imported to achieve the proper construction methods. The same process was required for the current renovation of the roof structures.

Edsel chose Henry Fords primary architect Albert Kahn for the construction of the estate. Listed here as “Albert Kahn Inc. Architects”, before the incorporation of Albert Kahn Associates (AKA) that exists to this day.

This is an arial view of the development of Gaukler Pointe.

“you are here” map of the estate grounds

East facade facing Lake Saint Clair

View of the lake – part of the Great Lakes waterway.

The “bird island” peninsula

View looking south down towards Detroit

Looking south towards the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Self contained PowerHouse supplied steam heat and electricity

View across the lagoon

View across lagoon of the pool area

View of the Lake from Eleanors Rose Garden. The grounds were created by landscape architect Jens Jenson.

The original rose garaden was all yellow and white roses, per Eleanors design.

The amazing 2/3 scale Tudor playhouse built for Josephine Ford on her 7th birthday.

In todays currency, the Playhouse would cost $200,000.00 USD to build.

Everything inside is 2/3 scale to fit a childs proportions. Fully operational kitchen, bedroom, livingroom and tiny bathroom. Josephine was schooled here in all things “ladylike” by her Governess.


Main entryway and also location of the head of security.