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This French Chateau castle building on 4150 Grand River is the former Eighth Precinct Police Station. A stunning Louis Kamper design from 1901.

Kamper used a similar approach when designing the Hecker House on Woodward next to Park Shelton. (former Smiley Bros.)

Of course, I am drawn to the easily overlooked details on this building – another police station with carved faces of policemen from an age gone by.

The elegant detailing on this building is extremely similar to those on Old Main – faces and all.

The police shield, used for the shape of badges.

8 Responses to Eighth Precinct Police Station

  • Yeah, the building was a ruin and abandoned, but was rehabbed a couple years ago. Its inhabited now, but not by police. Good place for lofts, its huge.

    Ive got pics someplace of the restoration back then.

    Gotta love castle buildings !

  • I didn’t know that Rip Taylor was a Detroit Police Officer (4th from bottom)

    Chicago by way of Detroit

  • Beautiful. Those faces are amazing. Love the web site, even though I’ve never even been to Detroit!

  • 3rd picture from the bottom, Josef Stalin. What’s he doing there?

  • These are great! It’s good to see that, 100 years later, the law enforcement mustache is still going strong.

  • Very nice. I spotted that place a few months ago but haven’t had a chance to go back and take pics.

  • whats this building used for now?? Anything?? Ive always wondered what it was whenever I drive by it

  • Is the building being used for anything now, or is it just empty?