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8145 Puritan Ave, Detroit, MI 48221

Closed by the State of Michigan Emergency Financial Manager in 2010, under Detroit Public Schools this was Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary-Middle School. The original school was built in 1922 and was part of District Number 2 of Greenfield Township and was named Guest Elementary. Just a few years later, all of Greenfield Township would be incorporated into the City of Detroit.

It is easy to look at this with towering hindsight and to ask if maybe we would all be doing a lot better if these other regions had never been absorbed by Detroit. This also begs the question as to whether or not it might be better these days to trim the borders of Detroit back to it’s earlier, more manageable size.

Greenfield Township was bordered on the north by M 102/Baseline Road/8 Mile Road, on the west by Greenfield Road, on the south by Tireman Avenue, and the eastern border ran along the edges of Highland Park and Hamtramck.

4 Responses to Edgar Guest Elementary

  • Mike – its 8145 Puritan Ave, Detroit, MI 48221

  • What is the full address of this school? I see it’s 10825, but what street? Unable to locate in Google.

  • Chris thats crazy ! I had to look up that original name and I was wondering if Edgar Guest was going to ring any bells. Wow, small world.

  • I had no idea! Very cool. His great grandson was a good friend of mine in the local acting community although he passed around 10 year ago. Edgar Guest III, the great grandson of Edgar Guest for whom this school is named.

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