not all those who wander are lost

Theres a pretty significant show up right now that you should catch if you get a chance. Its at Cass Cafe in the Cass Corridor. A local artist named Lowell Boileau has a large group of paintings and photos hanging now. Lowell is one of the original cass corridor tribe members, so his showing is of local historical interest.

Im not going to reproduce the paintings here or anything, you have to go see them in person of course. These are just a teaser to give you an idea of how much work there is. You can tell how strong the image are, do in part to a process called “Micropointillism“.

I joked on an earlier thread about these being “cartoons” but that was meant in jest. That is actually in reference to their incomprehensible color saturation. Im with Lowell, thats how I see every day.


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