not all those who wander are lost

The VJ Waier designed Eastown Theater. This was a rock theater on its later days, and has been abandoned for ages.

Here is a LIST OF SHOWS from the Eastowns rock days

Here is a tour of the interior during a rave held years ago.

2 Responses to Eastown Theater

  • Dang! My dad probably rocked out there back in the day.

  • Wow that brings back memory’s. When they started throwing “raves” there back in the late 90’s it was at first free. It was a nice setup and there was NO problems. Soon after they started charging money to get in a bunch of thugs came up in and at the final straw they lit a fire on the top floor during a “rave” and there was a shooting and someone tried to push someone else out of the window. It was good while it lasted, which was only 2 months before the “thug” crowds started coming up.

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