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The VJ Waier designed Eastown Theater. This was a rock theater on its later days, and has been abandoned for ages.

Here is a LIST OF SHOWS from the Eastowns rock days

Here is a tour of the interior during a rave held years ago.

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  • Dang! My dad probably rocked out there back in the day.

  • Nailhed, same thing happened to us on Devils Night… they let us go and were cool. Said they were scoping out a drug house across the street

  • be careful hanging around there, Randy!

    back in September, i stopped my car on the sidestreet next to it for a sec to take a cheesy pic out the window, and as soon as i put my car back in gear to drive around the other side, an unmarked DPD car full of cops flew up on me from the neighborhood and lit us up.

    they pulled us out of the car and searched us and harassed us, trying to get us to admit we were there to buy drugs. i guess its a big neighborhood for heroin…and they were running a sting, in the area(?)

    so after finding out we were completely innocent, and didnt even have enough money on us to BUY drugs, they gave us tickets for “loitering in a known narcotics area with intent to purchase.”

    i just went to arraignment for that on the 16th…of course i’ll beat it easily, but i still have to go back for trial, and that means wasting more of my time & money. bottom line is: cops are dicks, and this is why i vote Libertarian.

    shit, the week prior when i actually went INSIDE the place, there were no cops to be seen. wtf!?

  • Wow that brings back memory’s. When they started throwing “raves” there back in the late 90’s it was at first free. It was a nice setup and there was NO problems. Soon after they started charging money to get in a bunch of thugs came up in and at the final straw they lit a fire on the top floor during a “rave” and there was a shooting and someone tried to push someone else out of the window. It was good while it lasted, which was only 2 months before the “thug” crowds started coming up.

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