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Well, here we are on top of the Eastown Theater.

This is the point on the roof where the photos start.

Does this look like the owner removed the Comedy faces from the roof perimeter ? Obviously not.

They even took care to put a hooker-mattress beneath it to break its fall.

If you look at the curly detail on the right of this one, you see it has been chiseled out.

Hilarious that THIS is the view of the skyline from Eastown – bwahahahahaha !

So, did they shimmy down the stair case with those huge sculptures ?

No – I think they lowered it down from the hook.

Here is some broken terracotta where it would land.

This is the broken terracotta at ground level.

Then they would move it across this plank which makes a bridge over a staircase drop, and through that door out onto Harper Avenue.

The apartment building itself is the usual shambles.

Complete with rooms that look like they were decorated by clowns.

Going up ?

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  • dfunk,

    nicely put- “if detroit has a future, it has to save some things from its past.”

    that i fully agree with.

  • Frédéric Bastiat had already gone over all of this 160 bloody years ago!!!

    So, these #$%$ing scrappers are REALLY “public benefactors” – aren’t we lucky and living in a grand age?!

    Kahnmann shakes head in disgust and wanders off down the broken alleyway mumbling to himself and humming “The sun will come up – tomorrow”…

  • I ask myself all those questions, Mark. I think some things are important enough to be mothballed and preserved until a time comes when they can be treated properly. Will that time ever come ? I dont know. If Detroit has a future, it has to save some things from its past.

  • just to clear up.. im purposely being oppositional. it really is sad and the city is being robbed of architectural history but what are the laws in the city regarding this.. and what is actually enforced?

    is it possible to restore these buildings, do they have to be purchased from owners? are there even real owners? or do they become public property? is there even a reason to restore these buildings in the massive state of decay detroit is in?

    or should all this rubble be leveled for rebuilding?

  • so as i understand, scraping these buildings is not illegal.. or rather the police dont normally waste their time with it?

    in some ways i’d rather see people scrap these buildings so more attention will be given to tearing them down and rebuilding. you arent going to stop what happening there. the only way to do it is to make statements of destruction to beget more destruction for rebuilding. if all of you want to see these buildings saved then buy them and restore them.

    it’s sad that this city is eating itself. its like ancient ruins of greece or something. post industrial decay, coming to a city near you.

  • Thanks for checking it out, dfunk. In one of the shots it looks like a power tool was used for a clean break and the other shot looks like chisel work was done.


    Can someone tell me just WHAT these vultures are going to do with these pieces? Part of my OCD nature would love to spend time searching every Craigslist, ebay, local want ad postings and architectural salvage joints in a 5 state region and nail their hides to the wall. Realistically, it ain’t gonna happen.

    If, by chance, these people took these for their own trophy case, I pray you will have a small festering seed of guilt begin to grow deep in your belly and may it erupt alien-like and you die a messy technicolor death…or something like that.

  • I was not aware of forums for this kind of ‘activity.’ I do appreciate what you do and the time and effort that goes into this website. I’m frustrated/disgusted to see the process of watching a beautiful building slowly be reduced to rubble. It’s these kind of buildings like the Eastown Theater that have the best chance for rehab. Once the thieves start removing what makes the building unique or interesting then it makes it just that much harder for a developer or investor to see the value over another. If they do, most will not try to even recreate the details. Those masks are one of a kind and are gone – never to return and it makes me sick! Is there anything to keep this from happening again? What’s keeping them from coming back to finish off the rest of the details?

  • Dude, those pieces are gone and they ain’t coming back. I highly doubt Latonio and Quantonio know enough about historical carvings and artwork. It was likely done by some art faq from Ferndale somewhere.

  • I seriously doubt that criminals use my site to plot what to steal. At the very least, there are dozens of forums full of people trading direct information including entry points and such. If I were a thief, I would be on those forums.

    When I come across sensitive things that I fear for, I do not publish them.

    On the other hand, when I see things that are in danger, I yell about it. I should have started yelling about Eastown earlier, when I noticed the first few faces missing.

  • DFunk,

    I don’t know if you’ve been asked this before but do you ever wonder if the criminal pieces of trash that rob these wonderful buildings (and in doing so, rob us) use your website to find there next target? Don’t get wrong, I’ve enjoyed your site for years and I love all the detail shots you provide us.

  • Great stuff, Detective dFUNK.

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