not all those who wander are lost

The Eastown Theater was on fire early yesterday morning. The apartment side took a huge hit, with the facade and corner completely collapsing.

Special thanks to the folks at Buildings of Detroit for the heads up on this event.

4 Responses to Eastown Theater Fire

  • I saw many concerts there back in the day, most notably ELP and Yes, Alice Cooper, and King Diamond..This is truly a sad day for the Motor city. A National Treasure is now in ashes

  • You know, I view Detroit like a good family friend who had diabetes. We watched the disease slowly creep up his body starting from his toes. As it progressed, toe by toe had to be removed. Then the feet, then part of his legs… until it took his life. It was a slow, painful inevitable death.

    I just don’t see the sun shining on this shell of a city in my lifetime – hell, even my kid’s lifetime.

    Sorry for being such a little black rain cloud today, dfunk. I’ll go listen to some Lady GaGa and feel better…heh.

  • We saw this coming, no? I have never been to the motor city but thanks to DFunk I hurt as much as any of you that live there. This one hurts. I have followed your coverage of this site and wondered who would allow these things to happen. I would be willing to bet that there is some sort of insurance claim behind this one. Nailhead, any insights dude?

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