not all those who wander are lost

So long as I was on top of old Eastown, why not walk through the theater again ?

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  • Old Skool – on all of these I used a flash, turned all the way up, with a pretty high ISO. The first time through I used a tripod. There is enough light shining through this place to take long exposures. I know a guy who did something like a 30 minute exposure from the balcony.

    This set was just a quick walk through after I was on the roof.

  • Just a site which has info on the Eastown It is located on Harper and VanDyke. I’ll have to drive by it one day.

  • Nice stuff. Classic art work.

  • DFunk, How do you light up the inside of what must be a dark auditorium the way you do? Great way to see the detail but the lighting situation must be a bitch. Great work as usual but also pretty sad.

  • Whoa, it looks like Peter Max tried to stage a come back – or maybe that was his last major piece back in his heyday, lol.

    “C’mon everybody, we can get a NEA grant and SAVE it! Let’s turn our dreams into reality!” Cue music: Theme to “Rocky”…

  • Those paintings are way outta line, I agree, lmao ! I came up to the balcony from the other side last time, so they were a bit of a surprise. lol

  • Breaks my heart… I hate to see a theatre in such a bad state of affairs.

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