not all those who wander are lost

Ever notice the Shakespeare portrait high above the entry way ?

Somebody mined one of the sculptural details off the building right here.

Here is one that is still intact. That had to be one heavy mofo to haul down. Anybody been up to that roof ? Is it still sitting up there ?

All in all, an exhilaratingly scary neighborhood. Fun stuff !

VJ Waier & Co, architects. Once run by Russ Gibb during the MC5 heyday. Closed in the 1980’s after a run as an adult movie house.

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  • Per your request Mr. dfunk, here are some of the acts that I had the great privilege to witness at this historic theatre;

    • King Crimson (Court of the Crimson King era)
    • The Faces (Rod Stewart & co.)
    • Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green, of course. Black Sabbath opened)
    • Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen (featuring Leon Russell )
    • Humble Pie (Rockin’ The Fillmore LP tour, Marriott & Frampton era)
    • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (1st time in Detroit, ran out of material to play and had to cover stuff by The Nice).
    • Mountain
    • The James Gang (Joe Walsh)
    • Barnstorm w/ REO Speedwagon (Joe Walsh again).
    • Mahogany Rush
    • Alice Cooper (Love It To Death era)

    Of course, all of these shows featured 2-3 acts in one night, so a bunch of local bands were always included like The Stooges, Frost, Rationals, Amboy Dukes, etc.

  • Kraftwerk – NICE !

    “im the operator with my pocket calculator…….”

    Van Dyke and Harper used the be the downtown of a tiny city that was absorbed by Detroit.

  • Ahhh, the place I saw my first movie back in 1965 (rerelease of Fantasia). Later saw a seminal Kraftwerk show there, which was one of the starting points of techno. That area (Van Dyke – Harper) was a big shopping area into the ’70s, with a Federal’s, Winkleman’s, Sanders, etc., and the biggest sporting goods store on the east side where I used to buy all my hockey equipment.

  • I wasnt in there long, and no – didnt wear my mask. Had to blow the plaster out of my nose when I left. Its like a dank fog of damp plaster dust in the air.

    Amazing how much damage the water did to the plaster, that wasnt from scrappers.

  • That’s about the only place I’ve every felt uneasy in Detroit… That hood is creepy.

    As for the Eastown, it’s shame it was pretty much intact 10 years ago during the rave era…

    Water is a bitch. Beauty shots though.

  • Nice set !

    I remember in the late 90’s they started throwing free raves there and it was called “technology” , then it went to paid, and then people lit the roof on fire and shoved people out the windows and that was that.

  • Crazy how the one recessed ceiling medallion looks untouched by the rest of the (urban) jungle rot!

    I sure hope you had your triple-stage filtration mask on during this photo shoot…I started choking just looking at the pictures.

  • Yeah – it couldn’t be more wide open, that’s for sure. Just be really careful, cause that hood is hot as hell. I know a guy who got mugged of his shit while he was shooting photos in there. The narc cops swarm really thick in the hood right behind it, and they can spot an outsider in two seconds.

  • Seems they always have a run as an adult movie house right before they die. Being a theatre guy, I would love to poke around in this place.

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