not all those who wander are lost

Can you believe this ? Did I say just a few days ago that this one “wasnt long for this world” ?

A fire last night leveled the remains of the apartment section. The theater box and ballroom remain.

If this had been demolished by the city, it wouldn’t have been burned yet again.

3 Responses to Eastown BURNED AGAIN

  • So sad to see it in such a shambles. My grandmother used to live in the apartments above it when I was too young for the concerts. If only we could will all the old buildings back into perfect shape or get those little spaceguys from the movie “Batteries Not Included” to come to Detroit and rebuild it for us.

  • Yeah Rob – lot going on lately around town, sadly it’s all been bad. Eastown is going to be gone soon, Im really glad we got you in and out of there while you were here.

  • Wow, so much to keep up with in the short time since I visited two weeks ago. Thanks again for showing me this place, it was a highlight of my trip for sure.

    -Rob Y.

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