not all those who wander are lost

I also went into the theater area, up to the projection booth.

This is the underside of the balcony seats.

One of the views from the tippy top of the building, above the projection room behind the ventilation motors.

Back down on ground level, here is the rear of the plaster armature for the theater.

On the right is the ladder up to the area above the ceiling armature. I only know one dude (well, two – sorry nail – lmao) crazy enough to go up there….makes me nervous just looking at the ladder.

4 Responses to Eastown Ballroom

  • Wow! Nice photos once again.

    I have never seen the ballroom in daylight or with any lights as I was there a lot back in the late 90’s when it turned into a rave/underground club on the weekends.

    Good stuff !!

  • As always, GREAT pics!

    BTW, I would SO climb that! *wink* (Ummmm, maybe?)

  • Oh i hear that…I was showing a guy around town, or I otherwise dont go around there much. I drive by it on my way in and out of the city to keep an eye on it, waiting for the “emergency demolition” to start. Between the hoes, poo poos and dealers, I have little patience with that hood.

  • thanks for the headsup. dunno why firefox doesnt show missing image markers, but it doesnt. there was no photos for those, just blank spots I didnt erase.

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