not all those who wander are lost

Later addition to the structure.

Some of the main glass work has been liberated from the building.

Note the two giant wooden organ pipes that remain, and you can see the wooden racks on the wall that held the metal organ pipes.

“And You Shall Say God Did It”

“….And Then Thou Shalt Have Good Success”


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7 Responses to East Grand Boulevard Methodist

  • Love that hand-lettered type on the door. That’s a lost art.

  • WWJD?

  • Yes – and it was a black church going way back as well – at least as far back as 1967.

  • The last church to occupy this building was a black church and it building was foreclosed on about five years ago.

  • Old Skool – I think those dates refer to the congregation and not the life span of the church building.

  • The date above the door says 1936. Do ya mean to tell me that a congregation can’t support itself for 70 years without its sanctuary turning into a moldering pile of crap? That is so lame.

  • Abandoned houses of worship leave me especially pained – more so than any other type of abandoned building.

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