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The former Duke Theater on west 8 Mile Road is being demolished. I got the heads up on this from Chris. This theater was featured in an earlier post when the marquee was revealed.

Here is a shot from when the marquee was revealed.

Nothing to recognize of the theater space left over inside.

A portion of the original ceiling visible through the water damage.

6 Responses to Duke Theater Demolition

  • Goddamnit – I totally missed this.

  • yeah – thanks for the heads up on that, Chris. I shot it in the rain on the way home from a wedding job in Southfield. Exploring in wingtips, the only way to fly !

  • Its pretty much all gone this morning. Just the roof and support columns as well as some of the back wall left.

  • Naw – this place was a heating and cooling business when it died. So Im guessing that is billing from that business. It was a bowling alley as well at some point.

  • I was wondering the same thing. Any film(s) in those boxes?

  • Any idea what was inside the file boxes or file folders? Theater archives?

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