now with even more funk !

Heres a sweet Vernor’s sign that Nailhed spotted on the westside – this thing is CLEAN !

Hey, didnt there used to be a gas station in that spot ? I could swear I remember turning around a few times in a closed down gas station there.

While I was out there I took a spin over to what used to be Wonderland Mall. Not much left these days.

7 Responses to Drink Vernor’s !

  • hahaha nice, so you took my advice, huh?

    yunno its totally weird…even though i supposedly live in the “Lilly-White” suburbs, everything around my house is abandoned or being knocked down….kinda suspiciously like Detroit! and now its featured on Detroitfunk…yep, its official, i live in da ghetto, hahaha

    did you see the abandoned church between the Vernors ad and the Mall? there’s actually been quite a bit of blight in that Joy Rd corridor for a long time. lot of abandoned houses and empty lots

  • I actually live right across the street from Wonderland and have been taking photos of the place from the beinging of them taking it down. Nice to see some of this up on your web site.

  • On the corner was a boarded up party store with a full size ranch house built on top of it…. weird. Next door was a closed book store and some other small shop. When they knocked all three down that Vernors sign reappeared.

  • Nice. Interesting to see the remains of an abandoned mall. A stark contrast to some of the more ornate architecture usually seen here.

    Is HDR the new black or something? This is like the 10th time today I’ve seen it mentioned.

  • Naw – no HDR, just mother nature on overdrive. If the photos are ever HDR that’ll be clearly indicated. All the photos on the site are resized to 450px wide, slightly shrpened, and may have the levels slightly adjusted in PhotoShop. No real enhancements otherwise, they are what they are.

  • wow. are some of those shots of the wonderland rubble done with HDR? the clouds look unbelievable! fantastic pics as always.

  • Mmmmm…. Delivered Beer. The ultimate in lazyness.