Hey – a robin – this means its spring, right ?

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  • Its a misnomer that robins all fly south for winter. Some stay, although you dont see them too much. I think our downy fluff friend will be just fine – if not a little pissed off.

  • Cynthia – I can appreciate your home sickness, especially being in Florida. Its warm, but a rather barren landscape.

    But if you could experience Michigans current economic climate, you’d really break down and cry.

  • Poor cold robin! I bet he forgot to leave in the first place! =) He looks so cute and puffy.

  • That is not a fat bird!!!
    It is a robin,a robin red-breast,the state bird of Michigan, widely regarded as a harbinger of spring.
    Looks as if he arrived too early and is now miserable, starving and cold, probably dead by now.
    He was puffing his feathers for insulation in a futile attempt to stay warm.

  • ahh i somehow knew that if i came here i would see some pics of the ice heheh

    i tried to get a few myself today, but it clouded up before i could get my camera. i was working in Novi yesterday & today and oh my god were some of those wooded areas AMAZING when the sun shone thru them. (i generally hate Novi but it was in rare form)

  • I am a long lost {since 81} Saginaw Michigan. refugee living in Florida.
    This post actually made me weep.

  • I like the fat bird!

  • The ice this week has been absolutely beautiful. Makes Ann Arbor in January seem somewhat interesting.